Boats n Bikes history

In 1997 I had this great idea that Debra and I start a tackle shop after a visit to Port Lincoln and talking to Hutchy, we started with $3000 worth of stock , well I didn’t know that 23 years latter , we would have a great little business that has about   $250,000 worth of stock 6 employees .

We thank all our customers that have supported through the years, and enabled us to grow , the strength we think of business is repeat business , and the only way that happens is if you apply yourself to customer service and are always ready to go the extra mile, and listen to your needs .

Our crew will endeavour to fix or find anything to make your shopping experience a good one and keep your pride and joy on the road or water and are factory trained by Kawasaki Suzuki and Honda

Along with Debra and I we have Hayden Prior who is our operations manager, Beau Bonham our service and parts guru, Zac Reynolds our dual tradie, Mitch Cunningham helps us on Saturdays and school holidays, he is also a keen rider and petrol head like the rest of us  

All our staff including Debra and I are all bike riders and fishers, so we are professionally qualified to advise you on purchasing of a product and what to avoid through years of experience racing riding falling off or pulling in that big one, so don’t be afraid to ask

Give us a call or message us for your next part, why worry about the endless frustration of trolling the internet when we can do that for you

Talk to you soon